Project FITREHAB: FITness and physical REHABilitation at home under expert planning, prescription and control with assessment to overcome barriers in the deployment of telemedicine solutions

The need of rehabilitation at home is dramatically increasing especially in the developed countries. A long rehabilitation period is required to recover after discharge from the hospital after acute episode, either neurological or cardiovascular. However rehabilitation is costly, it requires specialized structures and drop out from treatment is frequent. Elderly people are expected to increase of 5% in the next few years and exercising at home is required to maintain good health. We believe that technology is mature to help clinicians and patients in prolonged rehabilitation and FITREHAB practically explores this possibility. Specifications of protocols and modality of use will be defined inside a strict cooperation between doctors, therapists, psychologists and technicians. A pilot test of the platform will be carried out in: De Wever foundation (The Netherlands) and Viljiandi hospital foundation (Estonia)
Brief Description of the Platform

Smart suit with embedded motion and physiological sensors.
Virtual Reality scenario that resembles everyday life.
An Avatar that reproduces in real-time the subjectís movements.
A remote monitoring station.
The Project Partners

1. Unimi
2. Ab.Acus
3. ASL Brescia
ASL Brescia
4. BDigital
5. Cetemmsa
6. SA Viljandi Haigla
SA Viljandi Haigla
7. Upper Austria University of Applied Sciences
Upper Austria University of Applied Sciences
8. De Wever
De Wever